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How to Stream ShowBox for Xbox 360 & Xbox One

By iDigiwa / June 28, 2017

Showbox for XBox One: ShowBox is one of the most accomplished video, original content, and music streaming and downloading devices in the world. It is very important to understand that while this app has been made available to myriad devices, including the Windows PC & Android, there has been no concrete word on how to use the ShowBox on Microsoft Xbox 360 and Microsoft Xbox One. These two enormously popular gaming consoles can also be used for streaming and downloading content as well. Below is a series of steps which you can follow to stream Showbox Apk for Microsoft Xbox 360 and the other, more advanced device.

ShowBox for Xbox One/360

ShowBox for XBox One and XBox 360

As watching movies and videos on big screens through your smartphone is becoming popular with each passing day, you can also use the Microsoft-made console to stream your desired contents on TV. Streaming contents on Xbox using Showbox needs some tricks and tweaks and in this tutorial we have explained how to stream Showbox on Xbox One or Xbox 360.

Use Showbox for Xbox 360/Xbox One

Step 1: If you are using the Microsoft Xbox 360 console, you must go to settings. From there, migrate to console settings. Then click on connected devices.

Step 2: Once you are in connected devices, you must ascertain that the “Play To” option is turned to “on”.

Step 3: You must now navigate back to the home screen of your device to fully access Showbox for Xbox.

Step 4: Choose the Android-based device you wish to connect with either the Xbox 360 or Xbox One device.

Step 5: This step is very important. Remember to keep your Xbox 360 or the Xbox One and your preferred Android device on the same Internet network. In case you are using a Wi-Fi connection, it too must be the same connection for both the devices.

Step 6: In order to complete the process, download the “BubbleUPnP” application directly from the Google Play Store. It is a safe and secure application.(Note: In order for the app to work, you must have at least Java 7 or higheron the device. The latest Java 8 is recommended)

Step 7: When you use the app first, it will ask you to visit a small tutorial-type feature. Should you wish to learn more about the functions of the app, you can carry on reading. Else, you can keep clicking next and ignore it.

Step 8: Once the tutorial is done with, click on the quick menu. You can access it on the left side of the screen . Simply tap on “Local Renderer”.

Step 9: Once you have reached Local renderer, you have to tap on “Xbox 360” to use the Showbox for Xbox 360.

Step 10: Return to your home screen now. Then, download the ShowBox APK (preferably the latest version) on your Android device/s. When the download completes, open/run the application.

Step 11: Select the type of content you wish to see. For example, select your favourite movie or TV show.

Step 12: Once content selection is completed, recheck and see to ensure that the “Use internal player” option is unchecked/unticked/unselected. You can see it just under the "download and watch now" option in ShowBox. This step is essential for Showbox for Xbox One/Xbox 360.

Step 13: Simply click on watch now option. The device will ask for your permission to complete the action because you are technically using two streaming devices. Tap on “BubbleUPnp”.

Step 14: You are now done. Your favourite movie or TV show will now be streamable on the television screen while you are still using Showbox for Xbox 360/Xbox One . Use your Android smartphone to control streaming options easily.

While it is easy to get lost on the Internet, the Showbox for Xbox works like a charm all the time. It is secure, easy to use, and also has a lot more features when compared to other similar services and apps.

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