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How to Stream ShowBox on Chromecast for Free

By iDigiwa / September 29, 2016

Stream ShowBox on Chromecast: As we have started relying on our smartphones heavily, the importance of the movie and video streaming applications have also increased subsequently. Now with the help of these streaming apps we can watch our favorite movies or TV shows anytime and anywhere on our mobile handsets. And when we are discussing the movie streaming applications, we simply cannot ignore ShowBox as it is the most popular and downloaded streaming application of the recent time with its own merits and for its incredible features.

Showbox for PC comes with a database containing thousands of movies, TV shows, videos and cartoons and the cherry on the cake is you can watch all these HD quality contents absolute free of cost. Apart from that, the smart and intelligent user-interface of the application sorts out all the contents as per their categories and genres which really helps the users to find out their desired contents. Moreover, the streaming application offers its users videos and movies of different resolutions starting from 240p to 1080p and you can watch them while you are offline too.


But the most standout feature Showbox offers and the feature which has given this application a massive edge over its contemporary streaming applications, is the application supports Google Chromecast. That means you can watch all your favorite movies, videos, cartoons and TV shows on your TV set direct from the internet and that’s too through this application. So now you don’t have to pay to your cable operator anymore and neither have to depend on them to watch your favorite videos. So if you are thinking about how to stream ShowBox on Chromecast or what are the required steps, this tutorial is the perfect guide for you. But before we talk about the steps to run ShowBox on Chromecast, let’s find out what are the requirements to stream the application on Google Chromecast.

Stream ShowBox on Chromecast (Requirements)

To run Showbox on Chromecast you need a TV set which supports Chromecasting. If you don’t possess such TV set, you can enable the feature with the help of the portable plug-in Chromecast device. Apart from that, you also need your device to come with the ShowBox application installed in it, a casting application (preferably LocalCast) and a video player (preferably MX Player as it supports Chromecasting).

Steps to Stream ShowBox on Chromecast

Step 1: To start the procedure, download and install MX Player and LocalCast on your device from the Google Play Store first.

Showbox on Chromecast

Step 2: Now select the video you wish to stream on ShowBox and change the ‘Player’ option to ‘Other Player’.


Step 3: After that, click on the ‘Watch Now’ option.

ShowBox on Chromecast

Step 4: Next choose the ‘Share with MX Player’ option.

Showbox Chromecast

Step 5: Then tap on the screen to show the video options and click on the three dots coming upper right hand side of your screen.

ShowBox via Chromecast

Step 6: After that, select Tools, then Share and finally LocalCast

Tools>Share> LocalCast

ShowBox on Chromecast

Step 7: last but not the last, select your Chromecast player.

ShowBox Chromecast

Wrap Up

As Chromecasting is the biggest feature ShowBox for Android offers to its users it is absolutely necessary to know the steps of how to stream ShowBox on Chromecast. Hopefully, this tutorial has satisfied you since we have explained all the steps in layman’s language and with proper screenshots. So download the streaming application, if you have not already and watch your favorite movies or TV shows on a big screen with the help of this awesome app.

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