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Install ShowBox on Kodi: A Simple & Effective Guide

By iDigiwa / September 7, 2017

Showbox on Kodi: If you love online streaming, then you must be familiar with the ShowBox app. It is a video-streaming app that enables us to stream our favorite TV series, movies, animated shows, etc. free of cost. This amazing streaming application has emerged as one of the leading apps of current times. One of the major advantages of using ShowBox is you can stream it in many platforms, including Kodi. However, if you are looking for assistance in how to install ShowBox for Kodi, you have landed at the right place. We have provided for you a step-by-step tutorial guide into how to download and install Showbox on Kodi. But first, let us understand what Kodi is all about.

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Kodi: What is It Actually?

Kodi is a multi-platform home-theatre PC app, which was formerly known as XBMC. An open-source and free media player, it enables its users to stream videos, music, and podcast from the internet. Highly customizable in nature, you can change its appearance through a variety of skins.

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Showbox for Kodi

Kodi comes with various utilities known as Add-Ons which you can use for various purposes. There can be Add-Ons for games, music, video, etc. Similarly, it also has a ShowBox Add-On which enables you to watch your favorite content. So check out the below given steps to stream ShowBox on Kodi.

For iOS Users: We have also published a detailed guide on how to get Showbox for iOS and watch TV series and movies without paying any charges. So, is you want to enjoy the free online streaming on iOS devices, just go through our guide.

For Windows Users: It is possible to install Showbox on all popular platforms. Windows Users may read our guide about Showbox for Windows to install the app on Windows devices.

Install ShowBox on Kodi: 10 Simple Steps

In order to install ShowBox on Kodi, all you need to do is follow ten simple steps that are mentioned below. So, here are they.

  • Step 1:To start the procedure, open Kodi, then tap into ‘File Manager’ and finally click on the ‘System’ option.
  • Step 2: On the left-hand side, there will be an option called ‘Add Source.' Click on it.
  • Step 3: In the menu that pops up, click ‘Browse.'
  • Step 4: Enter ‘http://iptvcanada-usa.net84.net/’ in the path area of the dialog box and tap on ‘Done.'
  • Step 5: Name the source as ‘ShowBox.'
  • Step 6: Now, once again go back to the home screen of Kodiand in the programs tab, enter ‘Settings.'
  • Step 7: Select ‘Install from zip’ by going to the Add-Ons in the list.
  • Step 8: There will be a zip file by the name of ShowBox(or the name that you gave in Step 5) in the list.
  • Step 9: From the list, select Plugin.video.showbox(1).zip.
  • Step 10: This will install the file and Showbox will be added to your Kodi. Go to the ‘Videos’ tab and click on ‘Add-Ons’ in order to use ShowBox on Kodi. You can open it just like any other Add On.

You can also install the streaming application on Android Devices. So, if you are an Android User you may read our guide regarding Showbox APK Download and enjoy free movie streaming on the go.

Wrap Up

That’s it, people! We hope now you have an idea of how to install ShowBox for Kodi. If you have any question regarding the steps we mentioned above or if you face any trouble while going through the steps, please post that in comment section also. We will get back to you promptly

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