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ShowBox for PS4: How to Stream Latest Movies in The Gaming Console

By iDigiwa / July 25, 2017

ShowBox for PS4: It is known that a huge number of people are engaged in playing video games on the PlayStation. And why not? It is perhaps the best one in business. However, there might be a situation that will find you in a stead when you might look for watching a movie or a TV series on your favorite gaming console. And as we come to watching movies, none can avoid the presence of a number of app which enable you to stream those on your gadgets. So why not try out watching a movie via the ShowBox app. So here we go with the process (a simple one) that you need to go through in order to watch movies through ShowBox for PS4.

ShowBox for PS4

ShowBox for PS4: Unlimited Movies for Free

ShowBox for PS4: Watch Movies for Free on Your PlayStation

So finally we are here with the required steps that you need to follow in order to watch videos on the PlayStation 4 via this particular app. One thing should be mentioned, and that is you need to keep your smartphone close to you because you will have to download the ShowBox apk on your Android handset and then stream it to the high-end gaming console from Sony. The required steps are provided as follows.

  • Step 1: You need to download the apk file of the app. You can do so by clicking on the link given on our page. And move it to your smartphone (running an Android OS preferably).
  • Step 2: Now you need to change the settings of the smartphone so that it becomes capable of downloading and installing app files from unknown sources that is the ones which are not available in the Play Store.
  • Step 3: Subsequently install the app on your smartphone (for the details of downloading Showbox for Android you can go to the particular web page on our website by clicking here).
  • Step 4: Once you have done that, you need to connect your handset to the PlayStation 4.
  • Step 5: After that, you need to uncheck ‘Use internal player’. Following that, you need to choose the device, which is your smartphone on this occasion, and you are ready to watch ShowBox on PS4. At this point open the app on your smartphone and run a movie or a TV show, you can watch it on PS4.

Thus it can be stated that the process for streaming and watching downloaded videos (which include movies and TV series) via ShowBox for PS4 is pretty easy. While going through these steps, you might face problems. In that case, you can leave your question in the comment box below. We promise to come up with a solution as soon as we can.

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