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How to Download Showbox App for Amazon Fire TV

By iDigiwa / June 7, 2017

ShowBox for Amazon Fire TV: As you must already know, the Showbox app is available for all to use on any platform of their choosing. We have already told you how effective the Showbox for PC download can be, despite being an Android only file. However, there are always new additions to be thrown into the mix (to stay updated, do not forget to bookmark the homepage of our site), and today, we will tell you all about how you can use Showbox on your Amazon Fire TV (both Box and Stick). What’s more is that the process is not nearly as complicated as you may be afraid they are. So let us get into the methods to download Showbox for Amazon Fire TV.

Showbox for Amazon Fire TV

ShowBox for Amazon Fire TV

Showbox Download for Amazon Fire TV without PC

As we have already said, the steps for installing Showbox on your Amazon Fire TV are really easy, although there are multiple steps involved. But the highlight of this method is that you can use it effectively without any additional help from your PC. Just make sure to follow the steps listed below carefully to avoid any missteps, and you will be able to use Showbox on your Fire TV in no time at all.

Getting Started

# First, set up Fire TV on your television set. Next, execute the instructions below.

  • Step 1: After the basic set up, you need to change the settings on your Amazon Fire TV to be able to download third party applications. Go to Settings and enter System. Under System, you will find a few options; go to Developer Options, and enable Unknown Sources. Ignore any warning messages that you may see.
ShowBox for Amazon TV

ShowBox on Amazon Fire TV

  • Step 2: Visit the app store and install ES File Explorer. After installation, open the app.
  • Step 3: Go to Favorites, select Add. In the box that appears, copy and paste the Showbox APK URL provided on our site in the field that reads “Path.” This will help you store and find the file securely.
  • Step 4: After saving it, visit the bookmark and click to follow the link directly.
  • Step 5: Hit the download button to initiate the process. After the file has been downloaded, enter the file. You will be presented with a few options. Select Install.
  • Step 6: After the installetion is completed, you will be able to use Showbox for Amazon Fire TV without any problems.

Wrap Up

Showbox is a very versatile app, and we on this site strive to bring you the latest methods to use this amazing entertainment app anywhere. We hope that Amazon Fire TV owners can benefit from this post, as having access to the vast content on Showbox on your Amazon Fire TV can only lead to a great experience. Alternatively, if you are an iPhone owner, check out this post to download Showbox for iOS.

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